In order to continue to deliver your super fresh fish to your door we are obliged to add certain terms and conditions to our service.  We hope this does not inconvenience you in any way and we look forward to continuing to provide a bespoke, specialised fish and seafood delivery service to your door.

We must have 24 hours notice if you are cancelling a pre-order.

If you will unexpectedly be out your order can be left in a pre-designated safe spot in a bag on ice.

NB  please bear in mind that sometimes we are unavoidably later than scheduled as we are dealing with a lot of people who may also be later than expected or need more time than anticipated.

If you are on our delivery round and we visit twice without prior warning that you will be absent you will be removed from the delivery schedule.

Once you are signed up on the monthly Super-Pack delivery schedule we need 1 weeks notice if you are away.

If your order is less than £20 there will be a delivery charge of 10 per cent.

All pre-orders must be processed and paid for via the website.